3rd March 2021

Had an incredibly busy week putting a crew together for my Independent Project, a short film about male mental health and suicide called "Lost Hope". I'm really lucky that I managed to find a brilliant producer and editor via word of mouth from people I've worked with previously, and in turn they pointed me in the direction of other crew who they'd worked with before and who they could vouch for being talented and reliable. I also found a composer via posting messages on local film groups on Facebook. Just need to finalise the cast now!

24th February 2021

Have just registered for a BAFTA Masterclass with the amazing Sacha Dhawan.

21st February 2021

then the drink takes you

Back on (COVID-safe) location today for the first time in what feels like forever! Not even doing any acting myself, just chaperoning my daughter, but was great to be on set at all and made some really useful new contacts!

16th February 2021

Have signed up for another Spotlight accent workshop, this time for Heightened RP.

11th February 2021

Just signed up for a General American accent workshop with Spotlight, really looking forward to it as accents are something I really find challenging.

5th February 2021

Very excited to have been cast in my first ever music video, "They Belong To Me"!

31st January 2021

Been working on my networking by compiling a Twitter list of casting directors, associates and assistants. It's amazing how many casting briefs get posted on social media so it's really useful to have them all in one place.

29th January 2021

Really pleased to have been confirmed for a role in "Then The Drink Takes You", a charity-commissioned short film exploring alcoholism. Looking forward to making some new contacts on the other side of the Pennines!

9th December 2020

Still on an adrenaline high after today's performance of "Bed" by Jim Cartwright. Unfortunately due to COVID we weren't able to perform it to a live audience so instead we made the most of the latest technology and filmed it on a 360° camera to be broadcast on YouTube later tonight!

20th November 2020

Exciting news! I now have an agent, the fantastic Brogan's Talent!

20th June 2020

My Equity card arrived!

27th May 2020

After several weeks and any number of emails and phone calls to verify my work history, I have FINALLY been accepted to Spotlight!

20th May 2020

the visit

Just completed a really great two days filming on location with Talkinglens Productions for their horror anthology film, "The Visit". The company are based in Leeds but the filming location was an old house just a few minutes from my home which was really convenient! It's also a company I've worked with before so it was great to catch up with people I knew as well as meeting a few new faces!

4th December 2019

Had a really interesting experience today, I had an audition for "The Visit" with Talkinglens Productions in Leeds and ended up recording some voiceover work for another of their films, "Awful Silence", while I was there!

27th November 2019


Lots of fun today playing a TV presenter and murder victim in "Exposure", a short film made by Leeds Arts University. I was really impressed by their facilities and will also be appearing in some promotional material for some of their courses.

12th April 2019

nude palette

Filming on location at Victoria Hall in Saltaire today, playing the role of an art teacher in "Nude Palette", a short film by Northern Film School. It was a great experience and I feel like I learned a lot, especially things I never would have thought of myself like the continuity issues of opening and walking through a door!

2nd April 2019

Lots of new experiences today playing two very different roles in a G4S Security Interactive Training Video: manager of a jobcentre and angry member of the public. Lots of POV filming using a helmet camera which I've never done before and took a bit of getting used to, it's all good experience though!

25th March 2019

ackley bridge

My third job as a background actor, this time on the Channel 4 drama "Ackley Bridge". Filming on location in a nightclub in Halifax was really good fun, although I'm not sure I'll be winning any awards for my dancing especially as we had to do it without music!

8th December 2018

the white carnation

Final night tonight of "The White Carnation". Have really enjoyed being back on stage after a break of several years and poor downtrodden Cynthia was a lovely role to ease me back into it! Made some lovely new friends as well (and been roped into helping out behind the bar for other productions!).

25th October 2018

your space gyms

First ever modelling photoshoot today! Very excited to be one of the new faces of Your Space gyms!

20th March 2018


Another day on set as a background actor, this time as a social worker attending a press conference in "Emmerdale". Unfortunately the scene was filmed on location at a hotel which meant I didn't get to go to the legendary Emmerdale set but hopefully I'll get another chance some time in the future!

18th January 2018


My first ever day on a proper TV or film set! Had a lot of fun playing a party guest in "Hollyoaks", getting to film in the famous "The Dog" pub set! Was great to get the feel of a professional filming environment as well as meeting lots of other great background actors who had plenty of advice to give me between takes!